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Bell Museum of Natural History
St. Paul, Minnesota

The vision for the new Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota is to provide a uniquely integrated site/building/exhibit visitor experience on a 12 acre site with site development and architectural design that connects with the natural history and biomes of Minnesota representing a high level of commitment to sustainable architecture and design. The design concept is based on the geological and natural history of the state as shaped by ice and fire. The entry rotunda “Epicenter” is modeled on the structure of a freshwater diatom with two dendriform alleys extending on each side to exhibits and public services. The design has evolved into an integrated site and building expression that for the visitor will be:
  • An intimate, personable place with big ideas, a historic state treasure, and a landmark destination – with interior and exterior exhibits
  • A familiar point-of-entry to the resources of the University of Minnesota and a gateway to the natural wonders of  the state
  • A place for all people as they seek to find – and better understand and appreciate their own place in a living, changing world
The project is scheduled for completion in 2009.

Animal Education Center
Agricultural & Environmental Education Program
Milton Hershey School, Hershey, Pennsylvania

A proposed Animal Education Center will contain both small and large animals for student projects and enhance connections along existing environmental study areas between Horticultural and Environmental centers of the Agricultural & Environmental Education Program (AEE).  It will provide for easier movement of students, more hands-on learning experiences, sharing of resources, and staff collaboration.

Norway house image 2

Norway house image 3
Norway House
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The American-Norwegian Business and Cultural Center will be a bridge between Norway and the United States, a bridge that will link the best of the American-Norwegian community with the best of Norway– past, present and future.  The $15.2 million facility will include a restaurant, auditorium, banquet hall, art gallery, gift store, coffee shop, meeting rooms, underground parking, and office space for the Royal Norwegian Consulate General (serving the eight states in the upper Midwest region) and other business entities. It will be approximately 35,000 gross square feet with an interior gathering place and exterior reception gardens.  The project is currently in the planning stage.

Norway house image 1

Glen Toro
Mendota Heights, Minnesota

A unique, environmentally-sensitive housing development with nine single-family home sites that preserve the heritage and natural environmental quality of the 10-acre site and its relationship with the Dodge Nature Center Lilly Preserve and the Shepard Estate.  The site consists of three landscape biomes - meadow, wetland, and woodland - and each individual house and site design will reflect its location.

Glen Toro website