Glen Toro Second Addition
City of Mendota Heights, MN

Thor Properties, LLC. 
2121 Delaware Avenue
Mendota Heights, MN 55118

Thorbeck Architects, Ltd. 
2121 Delaware Avenue
Mendota Heights, MN 55118

The development is to create a unique neighborhood called Glen Toro with nine single-family homes that preserves the heritage and natural environmental quality of the site and its relationship with the Dodge Nature Center Lilly Preserve.

The building lots vary from 31,176 to 51,700 square feet, complying with the requirements of R-1A zoning and situated on both sides of a curving minor street, called Glen Toro Road. The new street, with an entry feature, connects to Huber Drive and terminates in a temporary cul-de-sac. In the future Glen Toro Road is expected to connect with Delaware Avenue through the existing Shepard road entry gate. City water and sewer and other public or semi public utilities have been brought to the homes below grade within the public right-of-way.

Glen Toro Road has been constructed by the City of Mendota Heights as a "country lane" with a 24 foot wide blacktop drive surface, and standard concrete curbs within a 60 foot right-of-way. The road will preserve the country feeling, natural landscape pattern, significant trees, topography, and the ambiance of a village street.

The 9-plus acre site consists of three landscape patterns or biomes - meadow, wetland, and woodland - and the individual house and its landscape will reflect its location. Each house will be situated on the site to allow for a garden area related to the rear yard for private/family activities, while the overall lot landscape will reflect its setting and informal orientation to the street. 

Glen Toro Road will be the focal point for the neighborhood as a gathering place, with the houses artfully arranged to fit the landscape pattern.  A pathway connection is provided to the Dodge Nature Center Lilly Preserve. All home owners must be a member of the Dodge Nature Center to access the preserve.

An existing man-made pond is connected with a new creek like ditch, and culvert under Glen Toro Road, to a new storm water collection pond.  The new pond has an overflow to a storm water drain in Huber Drive.  Existing natural drainage systems will be maintained.

The new homes are to be designed by architect Dewey Thorbeck to meet individual buyer needs. Following the Design Covenants and Guidelines for Glen Toro, they will derive their forms from the biome in which they are located and utilize natural materials and landscape patterns communicating a sense of harmony between the people and the land on which they live. The materials used to create the architecture will be natural and similar to what is found on the site. These include stone, wood, and elements extracted from the earth such as stucco and brick. Wood shingle, asphalt shingle, or colored metal roofs with dormers and skylights for light and air to a second story are suggested.

The building designs will reflect their sites, incorporating an organic architecture of horizontal lines and planes, with details abstracted from the prairie/country environment integrating building form and landscape. The homes will be generally 1 to 1 1/2 stories with pitched roofs and walk-out basements where the topography allows.

The three biomes of the subdivision and their impact on the architecture is as follows:

Meadow biome - height limited to 24 feet, and design with a horizontal architectural character in one or one and one-half stories to fit into the grassy field. Broad overhangs and courtyards to define space and emphasize an indoor/outdoor relationship. New planting will be close to the house to help define the privacy area.

Wetland biome - height limited to 27 feet, and design to nestle along the drainage and impondment areas. One or two stories in height with terraced, stone edged patios adjacent to the wet areas. Porches to create an exterior space and emphasize closeness with water.

Woodland biome - height limited to 35 feet, and design to fit in and amongst significant existing trees. A vertical and random character to the house is desired to save as many trees as possible and shape the plan around the existing significant trees and topography.

Block 1

Lot 1 Prairie 34,202 square feet SOLD
Lot 2 Prairie 31,176 square feet SOLD
Lot 3 Prairie 35,029 square feet $ 199,500
Lot 4 Prairie 40,428 square feet SOLD
Lot 5 Wetland 40,006 square feet $ 175,600

Block 2

Lot 1 Wetland 32,752 square feet SOLD
Lot 2 Wetland 33,859 square feet SOLD
Lot 3 Woodland 48,629 square feet $ 259,500
Lot 4 Woodland 51,700 square feet SOLD

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